itSHUN [is the pen name ; Pronounces as it-shoon] is a global citizen was born in Seoul, Korea.
He double-majored in Politics and Japanology as bachelor’s degrees at the college
He speaks in Korean, English, and Japanese, and his focus cities are Seoul, Tokyo, and Boston.
He is interested in Korean Popular Culture, International Politics and Diplomacy, Eastern Asian History, and World Geography.


Photographer | 사진작가

He bought his first camera, Pentax K-100D in 2007, to prepare his round the world travel, and currently he uses Nikon D3S mostly.
He worked as a freelancer photographer for Photo Journalism, Portrait, Personal/Organization Events, and Sports Event.
He derives inspiration from Marc Riboud, a French Photographer.


Traveler | 여행가

In 2007, He had had his first round the World travel and until now, He had visited 17 countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, Bosnia Herzegovina, El Salvador, and Alaska.
He had visited  Japan over the 10 times, and He has JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)  N1 Level (The highest level).
His favorite places are Colombo (Sri Lanka), Gibraltar (U.K. Territory), Kyoto(Japan), Pittsburgh(the United States), Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), and Taipei (Taiwan)
He would like visit and experience Cuba, German, Hong Kong, Nepal, Russia (the Trans-Siberian Express), Tibet, USA Rail pass, and Vietnam in next time.


Journalist | 기자

He has also worked as a journalist in several places.
His first experience as a journalist was at Daily Chosun Kids as a kid reporter.
Since then, He has worked at several media which are based on a college, local, religion, and culture as an editor, a columnist, and a journalist.
His ultimate goal is establishing Memedia.



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